Bakery Boys: Being Ambitious Kids Every Day.

JUMP: The Philly Music Project

BakeryBoysOnline01Text by Tyler Horst. Images by Darragh Dandurand.

Two of the three members of the Bakery Boys relax at the kitchen table in a friend’s apartment. Quinton “Q” Russ (aka  Diabolicool) and Mark Ryan sit, waiting for the last member, Russ’ cousin Alexander Ruffin (aka Ace Bangaz), to arrive. When Ruffin finally walks in, Russ jumps up to show his cousin his retro Stone Cold Steve Austin “Austin 3:16” shirt, which leaves Ruffin cackling.

BakeryBoysOnline02“Your wardrobe is so weird,” Ruffin says. Then, with a straight face, he continues, “No, but I got like two of those at home. I’m not hatin’.”

The way the group gets along, it’s easy to tell they’ve known each other for a long time. While growing up uptown, in the neighborhoods of North Philly, the guys’ first real connection with each other was through skateboarding, most often at LOVE Park.

Each had at…

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