I Kind of Hate How Much I Love This Miley Cyrus Cover

After the most recent installment of Punk Goes Pop left me broken and sobbing over the mutilated corpse of modern metalcore (because let’s be honest, the series abandoned “punk” artists halfway through the first edition), you’d think I would have learned my lesson about the annoyingly pervasive gimmick of turning pop songs into metalcore anthems.

We get it.  You took a bubblegum-happy song, accessible to the lowest common denominator of music fandom, and added a breakdown and went “BRREEEEAAGHH” all over it.  It stopped being funny after the first time.  Please pick up your gold medal for dead horse-beating and move on.

What started as an ironic gag to get those in the metalcore community in a nice happy circle to point and laugh at the “brainless” music they had rescued and turned into “real art” became just as brainless and manufactured as the material it was mocking.  The list of thoughtlessly churned out metalcore covers extends way beyond the limits of the Pop Goes… discography, and you guys, some bands are so sincere about doing it.

It’s usually nothing more than a lazy attempt to get new fans by taking a recognizable song and tacking on the promise of blastbeats and chuggy guitars, which is why I really hate myself for having listened to this Miley Cyrus cover on repeat this afternoon:

Maybe it’s a way of justifying my guilt for thinking that the original “We Can’t Stop” is actually pretty catchy.  Might as well just go all in with guilty pleasures, right?  But there’s something about this cover that betrays real thought and some damned fine musicianship.

Sure, the band’s not presenting anything new here, but it’s doing what it does too well to ignore.  Face Two Face, the masterminds (or culprits, depending on what you think of the song) behind this frustratingly catchy cover, are new on the scene, formed partially out of the dissolution of old friends Dreams After Disaster.  Based in North Philly, Face Two Face sounds something like A Day to Remember or early Chiodos, which is impressive for a band that’s only just released its first single.

Check them out here, and if you’re going to have to listen to a metalcore cover, just make it this one and then stop while you’re ahead.


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